Innovative employee benefit plans for growing companies

Family owned and operated, Stirling Benefit Plans Inc. has been evolving since 1989. As one of the largest small business employee benefits brokers in Western Canada, our mandate is to provide innovative benefits and total compensation consulting, not normally available to small business. We will design a plan that meets your company's every need and saves you money. Stirling Benefit Plans Inc. offers essential products and services to ensure you have all the tools and information you need to make the right choices for your company.
Big Business Benefits for Small Business Owners

While there are many scaled down benefit options for small business, by combining or mixing and matching selected reputable Insurers, Stirling Benefit Plans Inc. tailors benefits for owners and their employees that rival what your big corporation competitors are offering their employees, ensuring a level playing field for key employee recruitment.
Our job as a benefits broker is to evaluate your current needs and recommend the program, pricing model, company (or combination of companies) required to ensure your company has the benefits required for your employees, at a cost your company can afford. We work with you to develop a tailored plan to fit your companies needs and budget.

We do not work for any one insurance company and operate as an independent consultant for the benefit of our clients. We do not charge an additional consulting or service fee and are available at any time by phone, email, or appointment for consultation, employee seminars, plan review, administration training and gneral questions. 

​​Call us today for an appointment at 403-313-4518 — It could be one of the best moves you’ll make this year!