If you are an owner of a company with one or more employees, are self-employed, or are a consultant; you qualify for an Employee Benefit Plan. We encourage a consultation with us to discuss the many additional benefits and plans available.

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Designed for individual clients and their families seeking additional health, dental, travel, or critical illness coverage, this page can assist you in receiving a quote and purchasing additional or continuing coverage.
If you are buying online, credit card is accepted and you may qualify for Air Miles. 

Manulife - Flexcare

  Manulife -  Follow Me  

Aa an individual or family without health and dental coverage at work, or who wish to add more benefits, this plan is for you.
Currently have a group plan at work, but leaving or losing your benefits? This “guaranteed issue, no medical" plan is for you.
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  Get A Quote or Buy Online

  Manulife - C ritical Illness Coverage  

Manulife -  Travel Insurance

  Looking for travel insurance? Then this plan is for you. For pre-existing coverage or to discuss in further detail contact us . ​​
  Get A Quote or Buy Online
  Get A Quote or Buy Online

  Benefits By Design   

  Looking for individual health and dental coverage? Then this is the plan for you.
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Looking for an easy no, pressure critical illness policy. Then this plan is for you.